Why Should You Attend The Funeral

Why Should You Attend The Funeral

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There are many reasons to attend a funeral.

Even if you’re considering not going it’s worth thinking about these reasons before you come to a final decision.

Sometimes the reality of death doesn’t hit until the funeral. We can so often think that things are not happening, but the ceremony, the friends gathered, stories shared and farewells said can help you come to terms with what is real & happening.

Funerals help you search for meaning,¬†realise that this person has an impact not only on your life but on other people’s as well and also ready yourself for moving forward. Whatever the relationship you had with the deceased, good or bad, you have to find a way to move on n life without them in it. Funerals also allow us to express emotion and gain support from others.

Finally, to remember the life of the person who has passed.

Think about the reasons which are holding you back from attending a funeral and consider whether not saying goodbye, or sharing that one story with family and friends are things you’ll regret. Be sure to seek advice from a mutual person as they will be able to help you decide without having a bias opinion one way or another.


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