Preparing Your Kids For Life After You’re Gone

Preparing Your Kids For Life After You’re Gone

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Death is a subject many parents shy away from for their kids, but the reality of it is that at some point in their lives, it will affect them.

Recently, host of BBC Podcast You Me & The Big C & author of award-winning blog BigCLittleMe, Rachael Bland, passed away. She had cancer which was diagnosed in 2016 and was told that she had only a few days left to live in early September this year. Rachael died on September 5th leaving behind husband Steve & son Freddie. She was 40. RIP.

Rachael used those last days and the little strength she had left to prepare her young son Freddie for her death and for life after. One of the most heartbreaking parts of her writings that we read was that she had bought and wrapped presents for Freddie’s 4th, 5th, 6th & birthdays all the way until he would turn 21.

She also sent messages to her sister in law to ensure some of her wishes would be met – like Freddie’s hair not being cut short until he was happy for it to be. She also wants him to have a book of her writings so he would know her handwriting, as well as the perfume he helped choose so he would know her smell.

Rachael’s actions are amazing. How would you want your kids to remember you? How would you want to be part of their lives after you’re gone?

How do you even begin to prepare loved ones for your death?

“I’m not scared of dying, I only fear for those I leave behind.”

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