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We offer a professional and personal family service:

Funeral Plans

Make life easier for your loved ones.

We are proud to offer Funeral Plans through Golden Charter Independent Way. You can choose the Funeral you want and pay for it at today’s prices. This can give you peace of mind, save you money and offer reassurance for your family. If you would like more information please call or visit us.

A Golden Charter Independent Way Funeral Plan provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones – and could save you money. You choose the funeral you want relieving your family of worries and uncertainty at a difficult time.

– Provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones

– Your wishes are specified in advance, removing uncertainty and taking the stress out of making the detailed arrangements

– You save money by buying at today’s prices

– No more to pay for our services

– Allowance for third party costs included

– Plan can be transferred to a family member depending on payment type

– You relieve your family of difficult decisions at a time when they will already be distressed

Help & Advice

We can advise you on the decisions you need to make following bereavement. This includes advice on registration, funeral payments, pre-planned funerals, headstones and memorials.

Funeral Arrangements

We aim to offer our care, commitment and understanding from the moment you walk into our funeral home or call us on the phone.  We will attend to all the funeral arrangements and can offer our support and advice as and when required. We can visit you to make the arrangements in the comfort of your home or alternatively you can visit the funeral home and make use of our private arrangement room.

We will act as a liaison between you and any other third party needed for the arrangement of the funeral i.e. ministers, churches, crematoriums, printers, florists and caterers etc. We will strive to fulfil your wishes, giving you peace of mind that all the funeral arrangements are tailored to the wishes of your family.

Care of the deceased

We undertake the care of your loved one prior to the funeral.  It is of paramount importance to us that this is done with respect and dignity. With this in mind we have installed state of the art facilities at our funeral home to ensure that nothing is lacking in the care we give. You can rest assured that your loved one will receive the best care available.


We recommend embalming if anyone would like to view the deceased in our private chapels of rest. This is to help maintain dignity and limit distress to the family.  We have new and advanced equipment on site for carrying out embalming under professional conditions.


We offer a range of coffins and caskets. These are all suitable for burial or cremation and are available in a variety of veneers and solid woods.

In addition we also offer eco-conscious coffins made from the following materials: seagrass, cane, willow, cocostick, cardboard and others.

Also available are Colourful Coffins which can be personalised with any design.

If you have seen something else that you would prefer, please let us know. We’ll be happy to contact the coffin manufacturer on your behalf.

Hearses, Limousines, Horses

We can provide a traditional modern hearse and use of limousines to the funeral and place of committal.

The funeral cortege can begin from the funeral home, the person’s home or any other favourite place.

If something different were desired a range of classic hearses and cars can be chosen (subject to availability).  Horse drawn hearses are a time-honoured and distinctive option which adds a sense of ceremony and tradition to any funeral cortege (subject to availability).

Flowers or Donations

We can arrange floral tributes on your behalf with a local florist or these can be arranged by you personally. All flowers should be delivered to the funeral home or family home at least 2 hours before the funeral. If a large number of floral tributes are expected please advise us and we will arrange extra transport for the flowers.

Any donations made in lieu of flowers to a nominated charity can be forwarded by us.
Useful Information

At this time of sadness we extend our condolences and offer our support. Following bereavement never think it is too soon to contact us, we are available 24 hours a day. Here is some written information and advice to help you. Below are some questions that we are frequently asked.

If the deceased is in hospital

Please call the hospital where the patient has died after 9.30am Monday to Friday to find out when you can obtain the Medical Certificate of cause of Death.


Once you have the Medical Certificate of cause of Death an appointment needs to be made with the Registrar for the area in which the relative has died. Formal registration of the death must occur within 5 working days. Chorley Registry Office Devonshire House, Devonshire Road, Chorley, PR7 2BY Telephone: 0300 123 6705 Preston Registry Office Bow Lane, Preston, PR1 8SE Telephone: 0300 123 6705

You should take with you:

– The Medical Certificate Of Cause Of Death

– Medical Card (if available)

– Birth Certificate

– War Service Pension Book

At the Registrar’s you will be given a green form for Burial or Cremation, which is needed by the Funeral Director to conduct the Funeral.

The Coroner

If the Doctor was unable to issue the Medical Certificate of cause of Death, the death will be referred to the Coroner. A Coroner’s Officer will be in touch to discuss this with you and a post-mortem examination may be needed to determine the cause of death. Following the examination the Coroner’s officer will advise you when you may register the death.

If the deceased is in a Nursing Home or Care Home

Please make sure the nursing home staff are aware you would like us to the carry out the Funeral arrangements. The Doctor or Nursing staff will advise you when the Medical Certificate of cause of Death will be available. Once you have obtained this an appointment to register can be made (see above)

If the deceased is at home

Please contact the Doctor immediately. If the Doctor cannot be contacted please contact the Police. If the Doctor has certified the death and tells you he will issue the Medical Certificate of cause of Death, then you can call us. We will attend at whatever time of day you wish and at your convenience, with care and dignity, remove the deceased to our Funeral Home. The Doctor will inform you when the Medical Certificate of cause of Death is available to collect.

People to Inform

Below is a list of various interested parties who need to be informed of the death of an individual.

– Any Hospital the person was attending

– The Family Doctor

– The Local Inland Revenue Office

– The local Social Security Officer to cancel pensions, allowances, benefits etc.

– Any employer or trade union

– A Child’s or young person’s teacher, employer or college should be informed if a close family member or friend has died.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your costs compare to other Funeral Directors?

You will likely find that our prices are more affordable than other local Funeral Directors. If you would like to discuss our prices and explore other options please call us, we will be happy to accommodate your needs.

When making arrangements what should we have ready to give you?

– The deceased persons clothing, and any personal items to go with them

– Newspaper Notice Information

– A recently taken photograph of the deceased

– Any Grave deed for an existing cemetery plot

– The Green certificate for burial or cremation (if available from the Registrars)

Where is the deceased between time of death and the Funeral?

All the necessary preparations are made at our Funeral Home, 147 Towngate Leyland. Prior to the Funeral the deceased will repose in one our private chapels of rest.

I have a Funeral Plan with another Funeral Director. Can I change to David Cowburn Funeral Directors?

Certainly. We could arrange for the pre-paid funds to be transferred after the death has occurred.

Traditional Coffins

Personalised Colourful Coffins

Natural Coffins