Grief Support For Children

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We love our children so much. childhood is so important to enjoy, make memories and help you grow into the adult you’ll become. Experiencing the complex journey of grief as a child is difficult.

Kids perhaps don’t understand everything that is going on and either lash out of go within themselves with silence. Especially with the global pandemic of Covid 19, children are seeing more situations of death and loss in their hometowns and on their doorsteps.

If you need help to support your children through any grief issues resulting from Coronavirus, there is help out there. We hope you don’t need this link, but if you do, there is brilliant support from Winston’s Wish.

Apart But Together

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In these times of isolation, many people are apart, but we’ve perhaps never been more in contact with one another.

There is a strong connection in our country at the moment, from supporting individuals like Captain Tom to communities clapping for our everyday heroes who are looking after those in hospital and keeping the country moving. We are connected through current situations and encouraging one another like never before.

We are here for you should you need us. Stay safe and look after one another.

What Will People Remember You For?

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Already in 2020, we’ve said goodbye to a number of high profile people as their lives have come to an end.

Max von Sydow, Eddie Large, Caroline Flack, Norman Hunter, Stirling Moss, Honor Blackman, Bill Withers, Logan Williams, Kenny Rogers, Dave Rainford, Kirk Douglas, Nicholas Parsons and Kobe Bryant are just a handful of well known individuals that have passed.

They’re all remembered for various things, from TV to sport to music to politics to creative arts.

What will you be remembered for?

Can We Ask You A Favour?

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Please may we ask for your help?

In this difficult time, funerals are taking place with limited or no family present. With this in mind, if you see a hearse or funeral cortege, please take a moment, stop and bow your head. This small gesture and acknowledgement of the sorrow would mean a great deal to those suffering bereavement in this chaotic world we’re currently living in.

Many thanks & stay safe.

More Young People Planning Their Funerals

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We recently read an article about two women who, after losing their parents, have planned their funerals. One of them is only 23 years old.

Communicating your final wishes with your family and loved ones is perhaps more important than ever. You never know which day will be your last and having it at least noted down somewhere would be a great idea. The songs you would want played, any readings, basic things like burial or cremation. If we don’t speak about these things, it’s just a guessing game for those left behind.

Check out the article here.


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