Mother’s Day Without Your Mum

Mother’s Day Without Your Mum

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The first Mother’s Day without your Mum can be really hard. The second, third and all the ones to come aren’t particularly fun either.

The emails we receive in our inbox about ‘the perfect gift for Mother’s Day’ bring everything back. She’s not here anymore. We can find ourselves ignoring the day altogether, or getting upset when we see people celebrating the day with their Mums.

It can almost feel like you’re surviving that dreaded day, the one that returns year on year to remind you, not that you need reminding. If you are able to, celebrate your Mum’s life. Go somewhere she loved, or do something your Mum would enjoy. You could even do something super positive & take on a sponsored run in memory of her, even raising money for a charity. Don’t isolate yourself. Take time for yourself to remember, but surround yourself with friends and family.

If you are now a Mother yourself, enjoy opening cards, getting cuddles, being pampered. Your Mum wouldn’t want you being upset on this day. Think about her, yes, but enjoy the day, whatever you do.

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