Missing Your Dad

Missing Your Dad

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If your Dad is no longer with us, the fast-approaching Father’s Day can be a difficult time, perhaps even more so if it’s your first one without him in your life.

Dads are real-life superheroes and are whatever memories you have of yours – it’s true that families can have tension & fall outs – try to remember the good times. There are so many well-written & poignant quotes, stories & poems about what it’s like to miss your Father.

A few tips if you are wanting to let the day pass without really getting too involved with it include staying off social media – there will no doubt be lots of your friends posting photos of their Dads. Why not head out into nature for some peace and quiet, or go to one of your Dad’s favourite places. Sometimes other people step into the role of a Father when he’s gone or you may never have known your Dad. Why not spend time with those people in your life who have been there? Maybe your Mum took on the role of your Dad, or an Uncle, or family friend?

Whatever Father’s Day means to you, celebrating or not, take care and be kind to yourself.

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