Make An Impact

Make An Impact

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We’re not on this Earth for long.

Recently a number of high profile or ‘celebrity’ deaths have happened. The past couple of weeks we’ve seen the departure a number of well-known people, including wind-up radio creator Trevor Baylis, Italian footballer Davide Astori who was only 31, Bud Luckey who was an Oscar-nominated animator famous for designing Woody from Toy Story, the incredible Stephen Hawking and of course, Sir Roger Bannister who was the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. These people left a mark on the world in different ways. These people will be remembered.

What would people remember you for? What would they say at your funeral? Where would they go to think about you? We don’t know when we’ll pass, but we can use the time we do have to make an impact. Whether that’s globally, or locally, it doesn’t matter. Make sure you leave your own stamp on this world.

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