Losing Someone Can Affect Your Mental Health

Losing Someone Can Affect Your Mental Health

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Having a loved one die can fill you with a whole host of emotions. Perhaps it’s a close family member who has passed and you are devastated, or a friend suddenly died, lost their battle with a disease or took their own life. Anger, regret, grief. There are so many emotions you may feel and your feelings may switch from one to another. You might have to prop up the family but feel numb about the loss yourself.

There are many ways to work through bereavement & grief. Firstly, understand that it’s a natural process you’re going through. Your feelings are import and and talking about them with someone can help massively. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, teacher or GP it will help. Eat plenty, even if you’re not hungry. Stay hydrated, ensure you get sleep and be open with your thoughts & feelings. There are support groups available and you are not alone, ever.

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