Should I Attend The Funeral?

Should I Attend The Funeral?

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There are many questions you may have for yourself and others about attending a funeral. Should you go, you’d had a falling out before the passed, you hadn’t seen them in years. All we can say is that a funeral is never repated. If you don’t attend, you’ll never have that opportunity to pay your respect and be in unity with the others mourners in attendance. One thing that some people may think of is the aspect of religion in funeral services.

“I’m not religious, should I attend a funeral in a church?”

At a religious service, wherever that may be, your attendance shows support for the bereaved family & your cooperation shows respect for the deceased, not agreement with the religion.

You were part of that person’s life for a reason and the funeral is about their life and saying goodbye. Don’t let religion or other questions or anxieties get in the way.

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