Complete What They Started

Complete What They Started

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When we lose a loved one, we so often want to complete what they started, or do the thing they always wished they had done. Whether it be a dream of flying in a hot air balloon or finishing a marathon on their behalf (do you remember the running club that completed the last couple of miles for one of their members?) we often step up to finish what they started.

In the film The Terminal, it centres around the Tom Hanks character stuck in an airport due to his country going to war whilst he is on a flight. He essentially has no country. It has laughs and tears, but we find out in the end that he is trying to enter America to finish something that his father started. I won’t spoil the ending for you in case you’ve never seen it.

So many people somehow manage to hold on until what they want to do has been done or they’ve seen the thing they wanted to the most, but many don’t. Charitable donations in lieu of flowers are a great way to support a cause that was so important to the deceased. Would you step up, complete a mission for a lost loved one?

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